7 Weeks in America.

Every girl has a dream. For some girls, it's to be a career woman, and to kill it in their chosen field, for others it's to be a wife and mother, and spend their time nurturing their children. I've always dreamt of travelling, living out a suitcase with as little as possible, waking up each day, packing up and heading to a new destination.

And last summer, that dream came true - at least for 6 1/2 weeks.  7.30am on the 25th of August last year, I got on a train (or three) and headed to Gatwick Airport, and jumped on a plane that made those dreams come true.

Over the next 47 days, we travelled across 18 states, spent 30 nights in 13 different hostels, 16 nights in 12 campsites, and my favourite nights sleep ever - one night sleeping under the stars. We completed two Trek Americas, walked 500 kilometres in that time, hiking through National Parks and State Parks, and walking non-stop through cities and towns. We visited Ivy League universities, walked to too many waterfalls to count, spent way too much money on chocolate at gas stations. But most importantly, we had a truly life changing experience and it was 100% worth it.

Utah State Capitol Building, UT

Beauty Mountain, WV


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