Boston, Massachusetts

It was hard trying to figure out where we were going to start our adventure!. Did we start in LA, and head to the East? Or should we go all in and start in New York? And naturally, we did neither, and settled on Boston! It was an easy enough journey there - three trains and a plane from Lincoln to Boston, and 24 hours after getting out of bed, I finally got into bed in Boston! Jet lag was easy, just a few naps and early beds, and I survived!

Day one involved accidentally finding the Boston Common (and Public Gardens!). It's amazing what happens when you leave the hotel and turn left, and just start walking! Breakfast was a slightly regrettable Burger King, before finding the shops, and eventually - with the help of a confused city tour guide, Sephora was found, before finally the waterfront.

That first night, the pair of us, both slightly jet-lagged, decided we'd try finding our way back to that same waterfront spot, and naturally, got completely lost. But we did get to see new spots in Boston we wouldn't have seen normally! With no working cell phones, all we had to keep us going the right was was the distant water and the faked confidence that we knew where we were going!
Day two and we headed straight back through the common, straight to the Subway - as if we'd done it a thousand times - and up to Cambridge, and to Harvard!  If there's one way to make yourself feel inferior and an underachiever, it's to sit in the courtyard in front of the Halls of Residences of an Ivy League university, watching the students walk oh-so-casually into their dorm buildings, with the intelligent looks on their faces. We wandered around, taking in the building, sitting on the library steps, avoiding the guy asking for our Instagram's. Normal university things, right? We spent the afternoon seeing some of the 'real' historical sites - USS Constitution and Bunker Hill. The best thing about Boston - you're conveniently guided around the sites by a red brick trail in the footpath! That night, we tried and made it to the waterfront in time for Sunset. Everything's possible when you're on holiday, as long as you're not jet lagged!

Boston was an amazing place to start the trip - the whole city had quite a relaxed, homely vibe, and it was very easy (eventually) to get your bearings and find your way around - which with us, was ideal!


Where we stayed: 40Berkeley - We had a private room in the hostel. The room itself wasn't the best, the bathrooms were some of best bathrooms I've seen. The bonus was that the best way into the city was through the Common - a perfectly peaceful way to start the day!
Must see: The Harbour! My favourite spot was where the last picture was taken - The Long Wharf Pier! It had an amazing view of the city, and a perfect view of the harbour, and the airport in the background.
Regrets: I wish I'd gotten to try some of the famous Lobster!


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