Trek America.

Finding a way to travel everywhere we wanted to, within budget and a decent timeframe wasn't easy in the slightest. We knew there were certain locations we wanted to go to - like Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon and we had no idea where to start, or how we could get there. Neither of us wanted to hire a car - namely because I can't drive, and Loren wasn't confident to drive in the States - nor was it fair for it to be all on her.

I can't remember where or when I first heard of Trek America, but the idea stuck with me. Up to fourteen strangers - including the leader - packing up everything into one van and trailer, and upping and going travelling around the States, with someone who knew where they were going, with great ideas and recommendations to boot. And the highlight for me - you could do it all camping. What a true American Roadtrip Experience.

That first night in a campground outside of DC, was my first night sleeping in a tent. But with living in a single-glazed building on the side of a main road, the traffic noise there was a breeze. I ended up having some good nights sleep in the tent!  I did become a little bit of a chore, setting up tents, sleeping one night, and having to get up early and pack up, but after the first few times, we got quicker and better and got that little bit more of a lie in.  Our first Trek was 14 nights - but slap bang in the middle, we got two nights in a hostel - on a REAL bed! The same with the second Trek - two nights of camping, two nights in a hotel (Vegas!), and two more nights - including one night on the banks of the Colorado River, under the stars.

Spending that much time in such close proximity with new people you've only just met can seem daunting - but after the first few awkward hours in the van, when everyone had finally woken up properly after the 7.30am start, we quickly became more like a little dysfunctional family. We ended up on Treks with mainly Brits, so it was a little like being back at home, only 100% more fun - and with better scenery.

But there were catches - it started out seeming affordable and hassle-free, but then you have to add in the food kitty and tips, and things started to add up. There were bonuses though - Vegas was far more fun with the group of 13, rather than just being just the two of us. There were also so many amazing stops on the road, that if it was just the two of us, we never would have found them.

They were both definite, amazing unique experiences, and I would do anything to go back to them or experience it again in new places.


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