Moving back to Spain...

Two years ago when I left Spain, I was confident that my Spanish adventure was over. Never to be repeated. But the more time I spent away from the country, the more I missed it. But I sat down at the beginning of this year to write a goals list, and 'Move to Spain' was on there. And it wasn't just on there, it was number one.  

Plaza de Espana, La Giralda, Plaza Nueva, Seville

Madrid streets

And I searched, I googled, I tried to find a job - the main selling point was that it had to be something I'd enjoy - I wasn't keen on going back to Au Pairing. I didn't love it as much as I should have. I tried finding a job, and I failed. I put that dream on the back burner. And then one Friday night, scrolling down Facebook, the perfect opportunity almost appeared out of nowhere. I didn't want to believe it was true. I also didn't want to believe that the deadline was that night. But it was. I wrote out the quickest job description known to man, sent it off and crossed my fingers.
Buen Retiro, Madrid
 By the next Friday, I'd had two interviews, and been told to pack my bags. It was happening. And in only three weeks. Not at all daunting, or terrifying.

Friday, March 16th I'd applied for the job, and Sunday, April 15th I headed to Greenwich to start the course I was receiving as part of the job ready to fly April 21st. MENTAL. I'm currently writing in this on the 20th, sat in a hostel in London, mostly packed and ready to go. TOMORROW!

It's scary that it's happened so quick, and that six weeks I had no idea that life was heading this way, but I'm so glad it is. 


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